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Nerd Nite Episode 7 October 17, 2012!

Join your fellow nerds for a special halloween version of Nerd Nite at the Rum Runner Pub (1 King St. Kitchener)

7:30pm start

Learn about bats, the who’s, why’s, and wtf’s of bloodletting, and other scary stuff tba! 3 twenty-ish minute presentations and then social time so that you can get to know your fellow nerds better!

feel free to wear your costumes and spread the nerd word so that more people can enjoy the awesomeness!


donations will be accepted as honorarium for our awesome presenters.


August 8: Nerd Nite KW Episode 5 THE NERD STRIKES BACK!

That’s right nerd friends! After a wonderful summer of Nerd Speed dating, movie nights, and a great field trip to the UW observatory…we are back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Join us on Wednesday August 8 at 7:30pm at the Rum Runner pub downtown Kitchener for 3 great presentations followed by some trivia and socializing!

Why I Love Bees – An Alternate Reality Game Primer presented by Geoff May

In 2004, an advanced Artificial Intelligence from the year 2552 became stranded in our antiquated 21st century internet. This helpless complex code had to re-organize itself, and during that process befriended a large community of sympathizers, who successfully sent her back to whence she came, in an emotional farewell. …But what does that have to do with bees?¬†Come and find out how this awesome trending form of entertainment – ARGs – has grown over a decade, and what it’s all about! ¬†Geoff May runs and, news and resources for creators and players alike, and has been known through the ARG scene since 2004, thanks to the Halo 2 ARG “I Love Bees”.
Adventures of Joe Canada!

Joe Canada is an adventurer, writer, and ideas man who hosts a local current events show. Armed only with existing technology, he has set out to examine the viability of electrifying all transportation in the Windsor – Quebec City corridor, home to half of Canada’s population. Tonight he will be sharing his results, and discussing the best possible options to escort us beyond the Age of Oil, and into a solid-state transportation system.

The Rovers of Mars – Charlotte Armstrong

That’s right, your loyal host is presenting again. Charlotte has recently been designated as the Regional Coordinator for the Planetary Society in addition to her hobby of coordinating events that celebrate and inspire a love of science. Charlotte will talk about the Mars Rover family history and the adventures of the Mars Science Lab: Curiosity.

Trivia and socializing to follow!

September calendars will be available. There is a whole bunch of awesome happening in September!!!

Be there and be square!