> Nerd Nite episode 10 Jan. 30!

Nerd Nite episode 10 Jan. 30!

Wow this is our tenth Nerd Nite at the Rum Runner Pub!!!

Come on out and have fun while learning!
Our two presenters are:

Bill Lucas is an archaeologist. He specializes in North American archaeology, Aboriginal rights and digital media. He is currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo in the graduated program. Bill has done excavations across south Ontario and is thrilled with anything archaeology related!
For this Nerd Nite Bill will be presenting Archaeology in Pop-Culture: Exaggerations and Excavations. Archaeology has been the backbone for many of our favourite stories. Pop culture references have been known for making grand exaggerations, because of this there are misunderstandings about what it is archaeologists actually do. This presentation discusses how archaeology is the basis of many tall tales while giving a more realistic approach to what they do and how it affect our larger community.

A Hamilton native, Ben Criger’s palpable social anxiety has driven him to a career in the sciences. As a bonus, this same anxiety has resulted, on multiple occasions, in Ben watching the movie RoboCop more than once in a day.
Why You Should Like RoboCop (And Why You Don’t):
In these 30 action-packed minutes, perennially-underrated film scholar Ben Criger will make the case for the also-perennially underrated RoboCop, which he contends is the greatest film of the 1980s. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn a little bit . . . about friendship.

Then enjoy some light trivia and socialize with your favourite people!


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